• The Best Makeup Artists In Bangalore Tell Us - Summer Makeup Tips And Tricks!


The forecast for bridal trends is anything but monotonous this bridal season. It’s all about switching it up and moving away from the ordinary cakey - heavy faced looks.From celebrities to you and I, there’s a “less is more” trend catching up. Although we like keeping our weddings ‘Big Fat’, this season directs us towards minimalism.
Here are some trends to keep up with:

Classic Lips with Coral

Bringing the attention to your lips with a good old, classic red or an obnoxious pink with a tinge of coral is the right blend to suit this season. It will be a good anchor to hold your look together.

A Fresh Face

To lay down the perfect canvas for your make-up, you need to make sure your skin is hydrated and well taken care of. Use a good primer or a gentle exfoliating peel pad to start off right. As the trend suggests clear, minimal, nude toned make-up, focus on well balanced highlight and contour.

Au Naturel

The trend of the ‘glowing skin’ is here to stay. Keeping your face fragile and delicate goes with the vibe of a bride. Match your lip colour, eyeshadows and shades close to your skin tone to avoid looking like there’s a mask on your face. Changing or lightening skin tone is a big no. Also, no sharp edges, just blended contours.

Do Away with Black Eyes

A strong yet subtle emphasis on the eyes is what makes your face captivating. The flavour this season is brown and not black. Cocoa, earthy neutrals are versatile to more complexions and eye colours. Brown will also make your eyes look lighter than a stark black. Hot picks with this will be pastels - burnt rose, peaches and cream.

Always Be Glamorous

Pastels, soft tones and nudes are taking over the market, but this is no fun without some shimmer! Not only your outfit but also your make-up. You don’t want to be looking greasy, shiny or sweaty, but dewing up high points will make you look regal. You can opt to cover your entire lid with shimmer or just play around your inner corners.

Metal x Gloss

When it comes to your big day, there has to be some drama on your face. A wash of metallic eyeshadow complemented with a subtle gloss going till your lips will add flair to your look. Lip glosses are back with a bang!

Head Full Of Flowers

With your neutrals and pastels artwork, the right accessory is a bunch of fresh flowers. This will make your look more natural and pleasant. Another way to add a splash of colour on you.

Quit Being Cattle

Every bride has her own vision of how she wants her wedding to be. Trends come and go; and it’s wise to keep it 70% timeless and 30% trend. A good balance here will keep you confident and happy with the way your look has turned out.

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