• 7 Makeup Habits That You Need To Follow This Year For Beautiful Skin!

7 Makeup Habits That You Need To Follow This Year For Beautiful Skin!

We all sin, and know how hard it is to admit it. But to attain that beautiful skin that we all aspire for, we have to admit our bad makeup habits and start new and good ones. Even if we have our very own makeup academy in Bangalore, we are all guilty of making makeup mistakes at times. But you don’t have to worry anymore, we have the ultimate list of the 7 most crucial makeup habits that you need to follow this year for a beautiful you! Are you ready to unveil them? Here we go!

Pick The Right Shade
In makeup, the easiest mistake that most people commit are not picking up the right shade when it comes to foundations, concealers or even loose powders. Picking the right shade will enable you to blend the product in more easily and look natural, rather than a different shade than your original skin colour. Plus it’s a sheer waste of money that you spent on the product. So what do you do? Go to a professional beauty counter at any of the makeup stores you frequent. Ask the beauty professional there to help you identify the perfect shade for your skin tone. Do remember to try the product on your jawline instead of wrist as your skin colour is quite different at these two spots. Try the product, wear it for a few hours and see how it sits on your skin. Once you are comfortable with it, go back and then buy the product!

Too Much Product
Nobody likes a caked up face! While we understand that sometimes you may tend to get heavy handed while layering your products, the result is going to be disastrous. One of the quickest makeup habits you can adapt in this New Year is to start with less and then build it up. First apply a single layer of foundation or any product that you are applying. If you want more coverage or a deeper pigment, then add the product where needed the most instead of adding another full layer. This way you can gauge where you skin needs help and then apply makeup accordingly. Applying too much blush or even highlighter won’t help the situation as getting rid of it is not so easy. But as professional makeup artists, we can give you a secret hack – if you have applied too much blush or any product, use a beauty blender or any beauty sponge to wipe off the excess without disturbing your base makeup!

Blend Like A Pro

One of the biggest enemies of makeup lovers is a camera flash exposing all of your unblended areas. Take the time to really blend your makeup products to the point where it's seamless with your skin, and test it under different lighting. If you aren’t comfortable with a brush, use a wet beauty sponge (we love the Beauty Blender) to blend in all the makeup you can applied. Always remember to check the jawline, upper lip, under eye and forehead areas once done, because this is where the most lines are formed by our faces. And unblended makeup tends to settle into these lines making it more visible. So make blending your new form of cardio!

Using Old Makeup
Every makeup product has an expiry date! It’s so surprising to see that most people who walk into our makeup academy in Bangalore are unaware of this fact, so we decided that this should definitely go onto this list. This is one habit that you need to start following as soon as possible – discarding any expired makeup! Old mascaras are dry and flaky and are just hubs for bacteria, so make sure to get rid of those. This is the same for old lipsticks, glosses, foundations, eye shadows, and eyeliners. Every product of makeup has an expiry date mentioned on it and you need to discard it as soon as you cross that date. You can confirm the expiration dates on individual cosmetics by checking the cylinder symbol on each product. The cylinder symbol states how many months a product lasts after being opened. If you can’t find it or have lost the box, follow these rules:

  • • Eye Products – 6 months
  • • Base products – 12 months
  • • Lipsticks – 24 months
  • • Any powders and blushes (powder/cake products) – 12 months

This will ensure that you aren’t using toxic products on your skin. Using expired makeup can resul in infection or even acne issues that can be for life.

Understand Makeup
Every makeup product has a purpose. And to attain beautiful, glowing makeup skin you need to know what works for you. Some skin types prefer creamy products over powder while some like liquid products. The one makeup habit you can get into this year is, understand what your skin type prefers and buying makeup accordingly. Buying expensive makeup that doesn’t suit your skin type won’t help!

Learn The Right Makeup Application
You may have the best makeup products in the world but if you don’t know the right way to apply them, it’s of no use. While you don’t need to be a professional makeup artist to know how to apply makeup, there are other ways to learn too. We have individual self-grooming workshops where we teach you how to create different looks on yourself with the products that you have. These are personalised sessions where you can ask all your makeup queries as well as learn how to apply makeup is a great way. This is a brilliant way for makeup enthusiasts to start learning makeup without having to invest in professional makeup artist courses. These sessions are usually done within a day or two, which means you, can learn all the tricks of the trade fast. At these sessions, we make you practice the makeup on yourself so that you can get all the help you need if you are going wrong. Apart from that, you can follow us on Instagram where you can check out our videos to pick up a few tips on how to apply makeup well.

Start Reading Labels Understand what goes inside your makeup products this New Year. If you are against animal cruelty or are vegan, check if your makeup brand does testing on animals. Start reading the back of the boxes of makeup that you buy, before you make the purchase. Ingredients in makeup products will also help you identify which ones suit you the best!

So which of these habits will you adopt this New Year?

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