5 Reasons Why Makeup Artists Need To Be All-Rounders And Know Hairstyling Too!

Hairstyling is one of the most underrated skills in the world of makeup and hairstyling. Makeup is always been the superior out of the two in the market. But that is all about to change! The last few years have seen the upsurge of celebrity hair stylists that have emerged in the Indian market as well as abroad. From hairstylists that conquer the fashion world to bridal hairstylists who create magical hair styles for different events for a bride, hairstyling is breaking new ceilings. As entrepreneurs who run a makeup academy in Bangalore, we have always been rooting for both makeup and hair! It’s the combination of the two that makes you a better artist. A lot of students at our makeup academy have these questions on why we have an advanced course on hairstyling when everyone wants to become a makeup artist. So we decided to list down top five reasons why budding artists need to be all-rounders and know hairstyling too!

You Will Be Preferred In The Market

Once your training is done and you are out there in the market looking for work or a job, you will always be asked if you have makeup and hairstyling skills. Makeup studios, academies, salons and even senior artists who you can work under will prefer to have an artist who knows both the skills rather than just one. We ourselves hire artists who are certified in both the skills. This helps to train you under both the skill sets and also utilize both your skills versus just the one! So if you plan to hunt for a job post your training, remember, this will come handy.

New Career Opportunities and Growth

Today the market is full of makeup artists. From bridal makeup artists to fashion makeup artists, you will find plenty of them in every city. But hairstyling is still an uncharted territory when it comes to market supply. The demand for professional hairstylists is huge but there is a gap in the supply. Our advanced hairstyling course can help you fill in that gap. Do note that a certified professional course is required for you to find work as a professional hairstylist and we have that for you! Find out more details about the course and its learning here

Saves Costs

Most freelance makeup artists have to hire another hairstylist to take care of the hairstyling bit whenever they get a booking. This comes at an extra cost. If you are trained to do hairstyling, not only do you save the cost of hiring someone else but also make money off each booking. Along with that, you can also pitch for hair styling orders/booking too, allowing you to benefit from both your hairstyling and makeup skills.

More Likely To Be Chosen By Clients

For bridal bookings or even party makeup looks, brides and clients don’t want the hassle of booking two people and co-ordinating between them to finalize their look. They would prefer one person who would handle everything. This is where an all-rounder makeup and hair artist will get preference over an only makeup artist. This stands true even in the fashion industry. Agencies will prefer artists who can do both hair and makeup so they can be used interchangeably whenever required.

This is a must-have in all good professional bridal makeup courses. Unless there is interactivity with your instructor or trainer in your course, there is no way that you can communicate. Makeup courses are places where students come to learn and they need to be able to ask questions, queries and doubts as they learn. Interactivity and communication are the two pillars of what makes for an excellent makeup course. Your makeup course should enable you to speak up and ask questions. A dialogue between the student and trainer is quite essential as you learn any kind of skill.

More Work Options

What if there is an opportunity to work in a major film production team but they need someone who is a hairstylist? If you are trained in both hair and makeup professionally, you can opt for job opportunities in the both the sections, together or individually. The more clients you work with, the more work you do the better network you will build. Also, monetarily it’s a win-win for you. When you know how to do certain hairstyles, especially film, fashion, and period looks, it can open many opportunities for you. Being upfront about your hair styling training and mentioning which techniques you can recreate is important when communicating with potential clients.
These are just the top reasons why you should consider doing a professional hairstyling course along with your makeup training. The more you learn and the more credentials you have, the more valued you will be in the industry. This is why we offer an advanced course in hairstyling for all artists