• Quick And Easy Beauty Tips for Girls Just Starting College

Quick And Easy Beauty Tips for Girls Just Starting College

It’s that time of the year again! It’s time for colleges to re-open and the new students to step into their college life for the first time. College is an important time of everyone’s lives. Not only will this time define your career but it is also a time where you get the freedom for the first time to dress the way you want. You find yourself experimenting with everything – trying to discover a whole new world of makeup, beauty, skin care, and what not! So we decided as professional makeup artists that why don’t we give you a list of quick and easy beauty tips that you can follow through at college. Don’t forget to share this list of beauty tips with your BFFs too, so you can have your makeup on point from day one itself!
Quick And Easy Beauty Tips

Take Care Of Your Skin – One of the most essential beauty tips for any college student is to take care of your skin. Your schedule is all over the place, sleep is erratic, and food habits are not always healthy – which play a huge factor when it comes to skincare. And we believe that taking care of your skin is like winning half the war when it comes to beauty. Good skin is everything! Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. So as a college student how do you do it with your hectic schedule? Here are a few quick and budget friendly beauty tips to take care of your skin.

  • Have a cleansing-toning-moisturising routine. Now it doesn’t have to be expensive. Any simple face wash which suits your skin type will work as a cleanser. Use simple rosewater for your toning and any day-care cream which suits your skin will act as your moisturizer. Done!
  • Never sleep with makeup on! That’s one really bad habit for your skin. Simply use a makeup remover to wipe all of it out and cleanse your face once before you crash.
  • Exfoliate once a week, not more, not less! Don’t forget to rub some scrub on your lips too.
  • Mask at least two times a week. You don’t need to buy expensive store-bought masks. Simple DIY masks, depending on your skin type work too.
  • ALWAYS have sunscreen on your face and body when you step out. No matter what season it is. ALWAYS!
  • Scrub your body too, once a week. Get an all over body scrub to remove dead skin. Ensure that areas like the shoulders, back, and chest are covered.
  • Slap on some body lotion after your bath. This helps the skin to retain moisture and absorb the lotion more deeply.
  • Never wash you face with hot or super cold water. Normal room temperature water is perfect.
  • As you wipe your face or body, never rub the towel against your skin. Simply dab to wipe the water off.

Keep It Simple – To be honest, college is a place to experiment and have fun but you have to also remember that you can’t have an elaborate makeup routine before your 8 am class. So, one of the easiest beauty tips for your makeup is to keep it simple. It’s also simpler to have a fixed routine so that you get done faster in the mornings. This is one of the simplest beauty tips that will help you build your own makeup routine.

BB Cream – Don’t go full coverage at college with a foundation in college. It looks too made up and cakey. A BB cream covers just about everything, looks completely natural, and is easy to use.

Concealer - For those days when you wake up with a zit or didn't get enough sleep

Mascara - 100% necessary no matter how great your natural eyelashes are. Mascara makes your eyes pop & helps you look put-together.

Lip gloss or lip balm – This is one of our favourite beauty tips because dry lips are never cute.

Nude/ Rose Lipstick – This one is simple and will look on most Indian skin tones.

Blush or bronzer – For a hint of colour & to help you look awake, even at 8AM. This is completely up to you, so if you think it’s too much you can skip it too!

Follow Trends Carefully – Just because you saw a unicorn inspired makeup look in Vogue last month that doesn’t mean you need to do it for your 10 am math class! When it comes to beauty tips, the biggest one that we tell every college girl is NOT to follow trends blindly. Some trends are great for night outs and parties but not for regular college days. So identify what works for you in the initial months and then set a makeup routine.

Invest In Good Products – That doesn’t mean that you need to buy a lipstick worth Rs 2000! But buy quality products that won’t harm your skin. Instead of picking up a cheap eye shadow palette that has 50 shades, pick a 5-colour palette from a good brand.

Amazing Beauty Tips For Stunning Hair

Hair care tips is one of the most ignored categories when it comes to beauty tips. Taking care of your tresses is as important as your skincare routine. Simply washing them isn’t going to do the work. With the amount of pollution, lifestyle changes and eating habits, it takes a toll on your hair. Also, college is a time where you experiment with hair colours and crazy hair styles so you really need to keep your locks in check. So as professional beauty experts, here are our few tried and tested methods for hair care.

  • Oil your hair at least once a week. Massage in warmed up oil to your hair and leave it in for 4-5 hours. You will thank us when you hit 30!
  • Always use a heat protecting spray while styling your hair.
  • Hair masks! Like your skin, hair needs a little TLC too. Home-made masks for your hair, at least once a week will do wonders!
  • You might want to skip conditioning after the shampoo, but don’t do that. Conditioning protects your hair from UV damage and pollution.
  • Drink lots of water. Along with your skin, it helps your hair too so double whammy!

So are you all set to rock that college-life girl? Let us know if you would like to see more such beauty tips and tricks!