The Pros and Cons of Airbrush Bridal Makeup

Bridal makeup is evolving as you read this. With the advent of beauty bloggers and makeup artists collaborating with endless makeup brands, bridal makeup has taken a leap into a completely new wing! Airbrush bridal makeup is the newest and trending style of makeup that bridal makeup has seen in the recent years. But like every new experiment, people don’t know whether they should opt for it or not why they decide on their bridal makeup look. So we decided that as makeup artists, why not give you a clear picture on what are the real pros and cons of airbrush bridal makeup.
But before we tell you the pros and cons of airbrush makeup, here are some myths about it which you need to know before you opt for it in your bridal makeup package!
Most brides or people think that airbrush makeup means flawless complexion like a model in a magazine. That is so untrue. Airbrushing in Photoshop is different than airbrushed makeup. So don’t go and expect that you will look flawless like Deepika Padukone on the cover of a magazine! Also, most brides that come to us with airbrush bridal makeup queries think that it may make your face look flat. That’s a huge myth! A lot of airbrush makeup will dry matte, but it doesn’t mean that it will look flat. Spray moisturiser formula can also be added to the foundation, and there's always highlighting and contouring to add some dimension!
Now let’s get on to the pros and cons of airbrush bridal makeup so that you know that you have crossed all your t’s when you book that bridal makeup package with your MUA!

Pros of Airbrush Bridal Makeup

Lasting Makeup
Almost all types of airbrush bridal makeup are silicone-based, so it can literally stick on all day. So if you are worried about the smoke in the wedding rituals or even those unexpected tears, you can be rest assured that it will not wash off.
Water and Transfer Proof
There are different types of airbrush makeup products and if you have a preference you can opt for the waterproof ones. These are water resistant and more transfer proof than regular makeup. So all those wedding hugs and kisses can happen without you staining someone’s wedding outfit!
Porcelain Finish
Since the makeup is applied with a spray, it layers on more evenly so the finish of the base is pretty perfect. Compared to regular makeup, it gives an extremely porcelain finish.
Less Product
If you are one of those brides who doesn’t want a lot of product, airbrush is the best technique that you can opt for. It's less-product and more-coverage kind of a technique, as it is sprayed on. This is extremely helpful for brides who have sensitive skin and can’t opt for heavy makeup.
Minimal Look
Minimal makeup brides are finally here! We had a lot of brides in 2017 and 2018 come to us with just one requirement for their bridal makeup - go minimal with one stand out feature. Airbrushed makeup is the perfect solution for this as it doesn’t look heavy so you can opt for that delicate finish that you are aiming for.
Photographs better
Candid wedding photography is a crucial aspect of all weddings today. And with everyone whipping out their latest mobile cameras, every pixel is captured! So if you're shooting on HD cameras, airbrushed makeup is better as it’s evenly layered so no fine lines or wrinkles are noticeable.
Easy to Layer
Since you can apply airbrush makeup in such a fine layer, it dries super quickly, so you can add more layers for coverage if you want which is crucial in bridal makeup.
Good for oily skin
Yes, something for all your girls who curse your oily skin, airbrush makeup is good for you! One of the major issues with makeup and oily skin is that it doesn’t sit well. Since the lasting power of airbrush makeup is higher than regular makeup, opt for airbrush makeup in your bridal makeup package.

Cons of Airbrush Makeup

More Expensive
Like any other thing that makes us feel and look good, this one too comes with a price tag! Compared to regular makeup, airbrush bridal makeup is expensive. The difference in the costs is usually around INR 10,000 but certain MUAs may even charge more. You may think that it’s just a different technique but you have to realise that MUAs need to be trained differently for this skill set and also the equipment is different.
Not Great For Dry Skin
The consistency of airbrush makeup is less creamy than regular makeup so it’s not ideal for brides who have dry skin. The makeup may get a little flaky after a while. We always talk to our brides during bridal makeup trials about their skin type and how they prefer their bridal looks to be!
Hard to Re-Blend
If you do end up crying and your bridal makeup streaks, it’s difficult to fill in the streaks with more airbrushing or even regular makeup, making it harder to re-create your original, flawless look. However with the right MUA, if it’s applied and dries properly, then this shouldn't be an issue.
Perfect Base
For airbrush makeup, the base of the makeup, which is the skin, needs to be prepped perfectly. The skin has to be primed and hydrated well otherwise the makeup can become flaky because of its less than creamy consistency.
Not Great For Acne Prone Skin
If you have scarred or skin with active breakouts, airbrush makeup will not cover it perfectly. We suggest that regular makeup might be better suited for acne-prone skin types.

As bridal makeup artists, we understand that every bride wants to look and feel the prettiest on her wedding day. Consulting and talking to your MUA before you pick your bridal makeup package is the best thing to do as you may want to see what he or she recommends.