• 6 Reasons Why You Need A Professional Makeup Artist Course!

  • 6 Reasons Why You Need A Professional Makeup Artist Course!

  • 6 Reasons Why You Need A Professional Makeup Artist Course!

6 Reasons Why You Need A Professional Makeup Artist Course!

A professional makeup artist course is like school. You go attend the professional makeup artist course, do your assignments, learn your ABCs (of makeup!) and at the end you get handed a shiny certificate of being a professional makeup artist. But the advent of YouTube and beauty bloggers has led to the most asked question in recent times to us – do we really need a professional makeup artist course? Can’t we simply learn from online videos and build a career? So, as professional makeup artists and as professionals who run a makeup academy in Bangalore for donkeys years, we decided to tell you six reasons why you need a professional makeup artist course if you planning to start a career as a professional makeup artist!

To Learn The most important reason why attending a professional makeup artist course is so essential – to learn how to do makeup. You can definitely learn via YouTube videos and beauty bloggers, but that is for your regular and daily makeup, not for professional makeup. Being a professional makeup artist requires you to learn from a professional as it’s very different from regular makeup. From the products to the techniques, a professional makeup artist course grooms you from the beginning to the end. One really needs to learn the fundamental principles in order to become a professional makeup artist. Along with theoretical knowledge, a makeup academy exposes you to a lot of practical training, which is crucial for learning. Attending a makeup academy also means that you have assignments and projects to do, which give you an exposure to different varieties of makeup application. For example, most of our students end up assisting us for Lakme Fashion Week for backstage makeup or any such other project, giving them exposure to that said industry.

For Certification In an industry where competition is so stiff, a formal education is vital. Thanks to the boom in the wedding industry in India, the number of people who have opted for makeup as their career has massively increased. Due to which, if you don’t have a formal education in makeup, chances are that you may not be considered for certain projects or even jobs. Having a professional makeup artists course certification means that you are trained at a certain level which gives you a huge jump, even when you are a fresher. Becoming certified gives you an advantage because people will recognize the dedication and hard work that you have put in to perfect your craft.

Flexibility Once you get your certification, you get the flexibility to start your career from any part of the world. Our professional makeup artist course certification is accepted internationally as our syllabus and training is in line with international standards of makeup training. So even if you leave the city or country, you don’t need to re-train anywhere else. You can begin your career with our certification, which is a huge plus as many countries outside India do not allow you to work without a license! Even if you plan to stay in the country, you can take up International assignments or even bridal work if you have a certification in place!

The makeup industry relies hugely on networking. Knowing people in the industry and having colleagues is crucial. A professional makeup artist course gives you opportunities to build your professional network and make connections with models, photographers and even other artists. We know that so many of our past students have started careers together or even work together on freelance projects when required. Our makeup academy in Bangalore also includes doing a complete photo shoot at the end of the course to build and add to your portfolio; an important step to jump-start your career!

Whenever you are learning a new craft, the right mentoring will take you a long way. At our makeup academy in Bangalore, you are walked through every step with an instructor by your side to guide you along the way. This allows you to ask questions, clear your queries and also understand where you are going wrong. One of the biggest advantages of attending a makeup school is that you are being taught by industry professionals, who have all been tried, tested and have a wealth of knowledge to share. You have the chance to learn from and present your capability to individuals who have made a name for themselves in the business. You also get to work on various clients and projects in a professional makeup artist course. For instance, in our makeup academy in Bangalore, we work on various shoots that involve celebrities and celebrity shoots. This gives our students a chance to see how a commercial shoot takes place and what all is needed while creating a look for a TV ad or web series. Also, if we know that makeup brands working with us are hiring new talent, we are more than happy to put in a good word for our students. All this isn’t possible when you are learning on your own!

Instruction As A Career

While we work as professional makeup artists, we also have a fully functional makeup studio, beauty salon and makeup academy in Bangalore. This means that we are in constant need of professional makeup artists ourselves, to teach or to work with us. Unless you have formal training in makeup, no one can hire you as an instructor/teacher in a makeup academy. So once you have your professional makeup training course certification in your hand, a new avenue of career – makeup trainer – opens up for you!

The advantages of enrolling for a professional makeup artist course are endless. You receive formal training and certification; learn all the basics, master latest techniques from the makeup world, gain exposure to the ever-growing makeup industry and start building your career. Once you have achieved all of this and want to become one of the leading professional makeup artists, there is nothing that will stop you!