6 Things That Professional Bridal Makeup Courses Must Include!

If you are a budding makeup artist or an ardent makeup lover who is looking to learn makeup, you will have no dearth of professional bridal makeup courses in the market. But the truth is that most of these courses have a very basic syllabus, aren’t licenced to teach or charge a bomb for a very poor teaching methodology. Choosing the right course for your career is extremely essential as this will determine your learning and growth in this industry.

As a team who has conducted various professional makeup courses in Bangalore, we will tell you the six things that we believe every professional bridal makeup courses must include. This will help you make the right choice as you embark on your professional makeup career journey.

Foundation Teachings

Professional bridal makeup courses must have a solid foundation of basics. Basics are the ABCs of makeup. If you don’t learn them correctly at the beginning, how will you learn to speak and write makeup? Ensure that any course that you pick teaches you the basics of makeup right. From how to identify different makeup products and its usages to the how to mix products and use them, everything has to be covered in your first course.

Tools and Techniques

After your basic foundation is done, the next thing that is crucial in any makeup course is the understanding of makeup tools and techniques. Tools aren’t just makeup brushes. They range from a variety of tools like blenders, sponges to airbrush guns and other tools. A clear understanding and exposure to all of these is very essential. You need to be able to practice how to use your different kinds of makeup brushes for different looks. You must understand where to use a sponge and where to use a brush. If airbrush makeup training is included as part of your professional bridal makeup courses, then learning to use airbrush tools is very important. Courses that only let you see how a tool is used and not allow you to practice aren’t going to help you learn. At the GlossNGlass makeup academy, we not only teach you how to identify which tool to use for which look and use it but also make you practice with those tools. This gives you the confidence to use that tool and we can help you correct and better your technique. After all, it’s your makeup technique that is going to help you create your signature style in the makeup industry!

Personal Attention

There are various and popular professional bridal makeup courses that take up huge number of students per batch at a super cheap price. That’s where you should know that in such an environment personal attention will not be a priority. When you are training to be a professional makeup artist, it’s imperative that you get feedback. Tips and tricks on how to do it better, even if it’s as simple as applying an eyeliner! Practical education of makeup through practice is vital when you are learning to be a makeup artist. Personal attention will ensure that you are given the right training, attention to detail and focused help. Teaching in a big group takes away the entire point of personalised attention and feedback.


Most professional bridal makeup courses don’t have any hairstyling knowledge or learning. Hairstyling is one of the key things that a bridal makeup artist should know. Most brides book the same artist for hair and makeup for their wedding day. While you may take along a hairstylist with you, it is essential that you know the basics. While designing any bride’s bridal look, a background in hairstyling is a must to be able to envision her entire look. That is why it’s crucial that any professional bridal makeup courses that you may pick should have a section of hairstyling. Along with that it’s also an add-on if you want to work with a senior makeup artist or a makeup academy after your course is done. A makeup studio or a senior makeup artist will always prefer someone who has knowledge of both makeup and hairstyling, instead of just one. This gives you a better chance at landing the job and also gaining more experience with clients. If you are looking to follow a career in the world of hairstyling, we would recommend you check our advanced hairstyling course which will give you an in-depth knowledge about hairstyling and career prospects. Click Here

This is a must-have in all good professional bridal makeup courses. Unless there is interactivity with your instructor or trainer in your course, there is no way that you can communicate. Makeup courses are places where students come to learn and they need to be able to ask questions, queries and doubts as they learn. Interactivity and communication are the two pillars of what makes for an excellent makeup course. Your makeup course should enable you to speak up and ask questions. A dialogue between the student and trainer is quite essential as you learn any kind of skill.


Is there any point of doing any kind of course if there is no proof that you did it? A certified course is extremely important while you choose professional bridal makeup courses. A certificate will not only serve as a proof that you have completed a professional makeup artist course successfully but also help you while you kick start your career. Most people that hire makeup artists at salons, makeup academies, makeup studios, fashion houses and brands check for certifications of the course that you have done. A certification will give your future employer an idea on how far along you are in terms of your makeup education. It also helps to build trust in the minds of clients if you plan to freelance. Along with that, inquire about the institute or makeup academy that you are choosing to do your course from and what their standing in the market is. Will a certified course from them add to your chances of landing a job? Once you have all the information, only then pick the certificated course.

Good luck on your makeup journey!