• Top 10 Things To Remember While Getting Your Bridal Makeup Done

Top 10 Things To Remember While Getting Your Bridal Makeup Done

Bridal makeup is one of the most important aspects of a wedding for a bride, if not the most. How will you look on your wedding day is a point which many brides are excited as well as anxious about. Will the lipstick stay on till the end? Will my wrinkles be seen? Will my mascara run when I cry? All these are questions that haunt brides-to-be till the bridal makeup is actually done on the wedding day. While we understand the anxiety, you don’t really need to fear makeup. Even though we have been bridal makeup artists for years, we always stress on this fact that brides can look however they want to. Some want to look natural while some want to go all-glam. There is no judgement in bridal makeup! It’s the bride’s big day and she gets whatever she envisioned herself to be.

So how do you get rid of all that anxiety and fear? Plan your bridal makeup with your bridal makeup artist! We have a list of 10 things that you must remember while getting your bridal makeup done. Here are a few tips to calm the nerves and advice on how to look your very best on your wedding day.

Personal Style – Every bride has a certain personal style. Some like it simple while some like it bold. Your personal style should dictate the way you choose your bridal makeup. It’s not a rule that you have to stick to, but it’s a space where most brides feel comfortable in. You have to understand that if you are someone who loves a bright red lipstick then demure rosy lips and innocent pops of blush aren’t something that you will love as your bridal makeup. That doesn’t mean that you only opt for red lipstick, you can opt for a nice marsala shade for your reception night!

Design Your Bridal Makeup Around Your Outfit – Bridal makeup should ALWAYS be done keeping in mind your wedding outfits. Your wedding outfits are one of the heaviest outfits that you will ever wear. That’s the reason why your bridal makeup should be in sync with it. If you are wearing a super-heavy lehenga in green, you need to have your bridal makeup colours match that look. Quick tip, always have your bridal makeup trial scheduled only after you have finalised your outfits or maybe even have them ready.

Don’t Do Something Extremely Trendy – We all love winged eyeliner for a reason – it’s a classic! You have to remember that your bridal makeup is going to be captured in your wedding photography for decades to come so you may not want to lean towards something that is just trending for now. So leave that unicorn style makeup for your bachelorette party!

Set Up Your Look – You may have done your makeup trials with your bridal makeup artists, but it’s vital that you go over your makeup look with your artist before the actual makeup starts. You have to understand that as a bridal makeup artist it may happen that your artist may not remember each part of your trial or what you suggested so it’s always good to do a recap of what you want. You may also want some last minute changes that you thought of after the trial, so make sure you tell those to your bridal makeup artist too!

Have A Private Space – Wedding day is chaotic! Relatives are coming in, vendors are calling – it’s a whole other world. Always have your makeup and hair done in a space where you won’t be surrounded by all this chaos. Sure, you will have phone calls and your mom peeking in a 100 times, but you need to have a small space of your own where you and your bridal makeup artist can create your dream wedding look in peace.

Communicate With Your Bridal Makeup Artist – Chances are that you have met your bridal makeup artist for the first time on your wedding day. Many brides don’t opt for trials due to scheduling and meet the bridal makeup artist directly at the venue or your home. So it’s important that you communicate with them about what works and what doesn’t. If you think that a product is burning your skin or some makeup colour isn’t up to your taste, tell them immediately!
Call Your Photographer Mid-Way – Never call your wedding photographer before the makeup starts as there will be nothing to photograph plus you will be charged for an hour or two extra. Always call them mid-way so that they can start capturing your ‘getting-ready’ images as your bridal makeup artist builds up your look.
Don’t Repeat – A lot of brides tend to have a favourite colour and follow the same colour palette throughout their events. There is nothing wrong with repeating a pink lipstick or a red one, but it’s your wedding! You have hired a bridal makeup artist for reason – so that he or she can create different looks. Wedding is the one time that you can go all out with your looks so we suggest you do that. You have a lifetime to wear that pink lipstick again!
Have References Ready – If you tell your bridal makeup artist that you want ‘that winged eyeliner which Kareena sported in Veere Di Wedding’, chances are that your makeup artist may not recollect. So always have reference pictures in your phone that you can show them. This will not only help them understand what you want but also save a lot of time.
Listen to your bridal makeup artist – By that we don’t mean that you should listen to every word they say without saying anything. But they are professionals in this field for a reason. If your bridal makeup artist suggests to not opt for an oil based foundation, listen to her or him because they know that an oil based product will melt during your rituals because of the smoke and fire. If you don’t understand why a bridal makeup artist is insisting on something, ask them why and maybe it will help you understand better. Being a little flexible will help you and your artist achieve that perfect bridal look that you are aiming for.